Those were other times and during the harvesting season, the olives had to be loaded on donkeys and large jars to transport them to the neighbouring villages, where the oil mills were located.
Once there, they were crushed in the stone mills to obtain a paste that was then introduced into a press, thus producing the much-prized olive oil.

Today, these fields have been inherited by Dani and Iván, grandsons of uncle Paco, and they have started to produce oil with the same craftsmanship as their ancestors did.


To talk about the history of Oli de Filaters we have to travel back in time, more specifically to the regions of l'Alcoià and el Comtat in the province of Alicante, to a unique environment where its mountains create a circular valley where a very peculiar microclimate is produced.

In these two counties, in the eighteenth century, around 85% of the population was engaged in two ancient professions (5,000 BC), making thread and producing oil.

A couple of centuries later, in about 1950, Francisco Prats, better known as

"Uncle Paco", father and grandfather of the current founders of this project, founded a textile recycling cooperative with some friends.

This cooperative quickly gained a privileged position in the sector's market and continues to be a reference point today.

On the other hand, "Uncle Paco" and his father started replanting olive trees in the various fields owned by the family at that time.

To do this, they have the help of oil mills that incorporate much more modern milling systems and can extract more oil than in the past. They also extract it in a much more controlled and cleaner way, which guarantees the quality of all the extra virgin olive oils they produce.

It is for all of the above that this project is called

Oli de Filaters, in a small tribute

that they want to give to all those people from these two regions who for almost 300 years have had a direct relationship with these two trades, which have contributed so much to our history and which have supported so many families.

And of course, to their beloved grandfather, who without knowing it has been the inspiration for his grandchildren to create this beautiful project.