Oli de Filaters is a family business in which we base our principles on the sustainability of agriculture and helping local farmers. As well as promoting the sale of quality products and protecting the environment for future generations. As we are aware of the concern of the consumers of the new generations to consume food that is

healthy, natural and unique

we have produced a series of high-end or premium products that highlight the value of the good oil produced in the mountains of Alicante.

All of them are made from centenary olive trees of the Blanqueta, Villalonga or Mançanella, Alfafarenca and Genovesa varieties.

Our extensive experience in the olive oil trade, in which we are now in our fourth generation, has given us the necessary knowledge to make the most of the qualities of extra virgin olive oil and thus offer products of the highest quality with no more than 0.23% acidity.

We are in a process of growth as we are currently

we are carrying out replanting work with local farmers and varieties indigenous to our land.

In this way we promote sustainability and contribute to the respect of our fertile soils and the invasion of non-native species,

thus consolidating the most traditional, autochthonous and emblematic varieties of our area.